Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was Challenged

I was challenged and now I do it to you so go to your folders and find the 6th one and grab the 6th photo and post it on your blog. Explain the photo.
Mine is a pic of some snow with dirt on the corner because I thought it would make for an interesting overlay on a digital scrapbook page. I told you guys I photograph just about everything!!!! I wasn't kidding but this isn't the oddest photo by far! Let me know when you take the challenge! Don't forget to check out my new kits for sale at Heartbeatz Creationz in yesterday's post.


  1. LOL! Ahhh well NOW I know what the snow and dirt pic was for that oyu mention on my blog lol. Cool idea though. I never think to take photos of things like that, I must start though lol.

  2. It is done, I have posted as you said and left the challenge for others, must they come back to you? Lovies xxx Pumpy

  3. It seems like a great challenge, but how do you decide when you have folders within!

    26 more days until we meet!