Friday, December 31, 2010

70% Off SALE for limited time only! Tag and stocking for me!

httpHello everyone!  I have been ill but am feeling much better today!  Thought I'd try to post and update everyone!  I have a wonderful stocking that was made by Heppy for me that I didn't get posted and would like to now.  Go over to his blog cause you're going to love his work and he gives away freebies too!  I also have a tag made for me by Beverly and it's with my part of a huge collab made by several designers at Heartbeatz CreationzIt is so beautiful and go over to her blog and see wonderful tutorials on tags!

I am also having a 70% off sale so don't forget to check out my stores and it ends on January 5th.  I will be retiring many products so grab them now before they are gone forever!  Each store that is on sale is listed and you can get free collabs with purchase whether it be a gorgeous scrapkit or thank you gift-each store varies.  Also this will be last time you can grab my blogtrain kits from Wilma4Ever that were done in 2010 for free.  I will be taking them off free and will charge for them after the sale.  You will still be able to get my new blogtrain kits for free just not the ones offered this year.  Sale starts on Jan 1, 2011 and ends on January 5, 2011!
Heartbeatz Creationz
Stargazer Scraps
Wilma 4 Ever

Today is the last day for the December Thank You Gift at Wilma 4 Ever
You can get a beautiful collab with your $8 purchase at Heartbeatz Creationz too!  It is stunning!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of Year Sale BMS $10 Lowest Price Ever!

Get this year end deal for limited time only!
Forgive me for stating the following but I have been asked before so I mention this now-------Make sure you understand the terms of this deal as no refunds or extensions will be made-----no exceptions!  Please do not ask me if I can upload to a sharing site so that you don't have to keep adding items to the cart......that is one reason you get this deal for such a small price considering the normal retail price----now that being said here are the details:
You can buy my entire store for only $10 and it is worth over $400 if bought individually, but you only have entire December 31st 2010 to make the purchase.  You will then have 3 trips to use the coupon and only until January 7, 2011 to download your items.  I have about more or less 3GB or more in  my store so there is a lot to choose from.  What I would suggest is to print off what you have put in the cart the first time so you don't waste time buying something you already ordered (that's what I do and it helps in future to know what you have to design with too).  I would also suggest putting the floral bundles together so that you don't waste time adding the separate floral elements as they are the same.  My floral grab bags are different than the floral element sets either different flowers and/or different sizes.  You have unlimited CU use for my commercial items with no credit required but appreciated.  Please do not use my personal items for commercial use.  This is the lowest I have ever offered my store for and I hope you enjoy your items.  It should keep you designing through 2011.  You can get this deal at Wilma 4 Ever! 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Freebies! Today Only!

Hi all!
Kicking off day 2 of our 12 Days Of Christmas giveaway is the fabulous Bunchie's Bin, with some ribbons for you.

 Look what you can do with these ribbons---they are CU so grab some resources and I hope you check out previous posts for my big 60% Off Sale!

Bunchie's Crazy Christmas Sale 60% Off Starts AToday!

Don't forget I have a BUY MY STORE deal going on right now at CU for CU only for just $15 so hurry over there.  The rest Heartbeatz Creationz, Wilma 4 Ever, and Stargazer Scraps have 60% Off normally low prices! Sale Starts on Dec 14-Dec 25th, 2010
Heartbeatz Creationz
Wilma 4 Ever
Stargazer Scraps

Monday, December 13, 2010

ManIk Monday 99 Cent Sale!

Don't miss my sale today only and see what you can get for less than a dollar!  I have everything that is normally $4.99 for only 99 cents! go snag some CU4CU goodies for your designer kits!  Go here!  It's only at Heartbeatz Creationz!

12 Days of Christmas Freebies!

Hi all!
We are having a fabulous 12 Days Of Christmas Sale starting December 13 and ending on December 25!
We have prices starting at just .70 cents and many designers are featuring products for just $1.00!
Hurry in during this time and watch our blog and the shop for a daily freebie that will begin on Dec 13!
Happy Holidays everyone!

While you are there be sure you check out our December Thank You Gift, this collection was created by 19 of our talented crew and it's full of Holiday Cheer!

Also be sure to check out our fabulous designer of the month!
Puddicat Creations! She is having a %65 off sale all month!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Buy My Store ~3GB for $15 and new items & Freebies

Don't forget you can buy my store for a limited time at CU For CU only $15 and you get ~3GB of designer resources!  Enough to keep you busy all year long in 2011 and then some.  I have overlays, flowers, tags, grab bags, and now I have made some ribbon templates that I will add today!  The coupon will allow you five trips to grab all the goodies you want.  Just remember you can only add 100 items at a time, that is all the zen cart will allow. You can buy it up to Christmas Day and then have until January 2, 2011 to download all your goodies.  So here's a preview of my new ribbon templates and I hope you enjoy them.  Don't forget to check the older posts for freebies from the blogtrains I have been in during 2010 because they won't be up free for much longer and there are several full kits!

All created with resources from Action FX!  One you will only be able to get from the January Thank You Gift at is Basic Ribbon 1 below:
Last don't forget you can get my Buy My Store deal at CU For CU for a limited time only!
Search for my freebies which will only be available for the end of 2010 so grab them while you can!  Here's a peak at some of the ones I have here:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buy My Store $15 or My Moving In Sale 50% Off at CU For CU

I just finished moving in at CU For CU and I'm having a huge 50% off sale! Lots of designer CU4CU items including: overlays, tags, and flowers! Grab a bundle for only $2.50 of 20-24 flowers! Finely extracted from my own photos to match just about any kit! So check me out and see what you fall in love with!

Alternatively you can Buy My Store for only $15 until Christmas!  Thanks so much for looking at the tremendous value you will get with this purchase!  This is the best resource for any designer because the options are endless since it has an unlimited commercial use!  Use these items for personal use, commercial use, CU4CU, scrap for hire, scrap for others, printables, etc.  Use overlays for papers or put over elements for a different look.  The regular price for these items if purchased separately would be $390 and at $15 you get a tremendous bargain for sure!  This is about 3GB worth designers resources!  You can save some time by adding the floral bundles to the cart instead of individual sets.  Also the CU textures 1, 2, and 3 are the same as Overlays 1, 2, 3 they are just listed that way since they are very grungy.  When you get the coupon, you have 5 times to order and do not add more than 100 items at a time.  Coupon expires on Dec. 25, 2010 and you will have until Jan. 2, 2011 to download any files you order by Dec 25th.  Credit is not required but much appreciated for my CU items.