Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of Year Sale BMS $10 Lowest Price Ever!

Get this year end deal for limited time only!
Forgive me for stating the following but I have been asked before so I mention this now-------Make sure you understand the terms of this deal as no refunds or extensions will be made-----no exceptions!  Please do not ask me if I can upload to a sharing site so that you don't have to keep adding items to the cart......that is one reason you get this deal for such a small price considering the normal retail price----now that being said here are the details:
You can buy my entire store for only $10 and it is worth over $400 if bought individually, but you only have entire December 31st 2010 to make the purchase.  You will then have 3 trips to use the coupon and only until January 7, 2011 to download your items.  I have about more or less 3GB or more in  my store so there is a lot to choose from.  What I would suggest is to print off what you have put in the cart the first time so you don't waste time buying something you already ordered (that's what I do and it helps in future to know what you have to design with too).  I would also suggest putting the floral bundles together so that you don't waste time adding the separate floral elements as they are the same.  My floral grab bags are different than the floral element sets either different flowers and/or different sizes.  You have unlimited CU use for my commercial items with no credit required but appreciated.  Please do not use my personal items for commercial use.  This is the lowest I have ever offered my store for and I hope you enjoy your items.  It should keep you designing through 2011.  You can get this deal at Wilma 4 Ever! 

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