Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy My Commercial Use Store! Only $15
Thanks so much for looking at the tremendous value you will get with this purchase! This is the best resource for any designer because the options are endless since it has an unlimited commercial use! Use these items for personal use, commercial use, CU4CU, scrap for hire, scrap for others, printables, etc. Use overlays for papers or put over elements for a different look. The regular price for these items if purchased separately would be $236.50 and at $15 you get a tremendous bargain for sure at 94% off! You get 73 (12x12) Overlays Sets with 5-6 each/set, 32 floral sets, and two grab bags with various items!  Everything you need to design!
  Here's what you get with my "Buy My CU Store":
Cardstocks 1
Cardstocks 2
Cardstocks 3
Cardstocks 4
Cloud Overlays 1-7 Sets
Overlay Sets 1-27, 29-40, 44-53
Pansy Overlays Sets 1 & 2
Paper Overlays 1
Roses Overlays 1 & 2
Brick Overlays
Leather Overlays
Mixed Floral Overlay Sets 1 & 2
Mixed Wood Overlays
Mixed Leaves Overlays
Texture Overlay Sets 1-3
Grubby Overlays
Floral Grab Bag 1
Rosebuds 1 & 2
Roses Flower Set
Tulip Flower Sets 1 & 2
White Bouquet Flower Set
Spring Flowers 1
Summer Flowers Sets 1-5
Sunflower Set
Orange Primrose Flowers
Flower Sets 1-12
Misc. Flower Set
Blue Hydrengea Flowers
Iris Sets 1 & 2
Daffodils 1 & 2
My first grab bag in the store!
Due to nature of offer no coupons or discounts can be used on this special.  Thank you! 

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