Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Wedding Band Finally Here!

Hubby bought me a new wedding band for Christmas and they finally got it in today!  This is the third one for me since we married in 1993. We have custom bands made when we married and I put on about 50 pounds so rather than mess it up getting it resized he got me new ones......now another 50 pounds later I have another set......hopefully this will be the last one!  I have been swelling cause of my health and so missed wearing my wedding rings.  So glad to have one on again.

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  1. Love your new ring and you have a very nice hubby--and, your hands don't seem to show the weight problem, from your pictures I know you are a beautiful young lady, and have always felt bad when you have been sick. I hope and wish and pray for you to have good health in the future and you and DH to have lots of good times together.