Monday, February 14, 2011

Bring My Business Dream To Life!

I am raising money for inventory as a new Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
The money collected will go towards inventory stock so that I can have products for people to buy instantly. I will also buy samples of the products so that people can try them before they buy them. This is the key to selling this product because once they try it, they will buy it. The product sells itself, in my opinion, because: they offer great value for quality products that have been tested and proven to be effective. I have started a business with what I believe has the best cosmetics in the world.
With your contribution I can add enough stock to my inventory that I will be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a successful business woman. I want to add 200 customers by the end of this year and I need an inventory that will support that kind of growth. With your help I can do this! I just need some seed money to make my business plan succeed. People are use to being able to get their products immediately when they shop and therefore, I must have inventory on hand to be successful.
I will work hard to support my dream by energetically dedicating myself to gain new customers, by contacting everyone I know, about my business. I will also step out in faith to meet new people and add to my customer base by holding booking appointments, taking outside orders, and doing individual consultations. By doing this and more I can see my business grow beyond my wildest imagination. With this company there are no limitations to how far my business can grow.
My dream is to get off of disability payments, as I once worked as a registered nurse serving the public, but now am unable to do that due to Fibromyalgia. With this company I can work flexible hours which will allow me to earn financial contributions to my family. I want to be able to work and contribute to society as best as I can, without any financial help from the government. So can you help me make my dreams come true and be the kind of successful person I always knew I could be?
Supporters can also help by donating money to fund my ability to add inventory to my business and buy samples for the customers to try. All major credit cards can be accepted and you can be assured of the security that payment through PayPal offers. I don't even have to know your credit card number if you pay through them since they take the information and not me. I just need your help to make my dreams come true.

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