Sunday, April 17, 2011

Offer Ends Soon! $50 Home Business That Succeeds!

No where else will you find a business that has products that sale themselves like Mary Kay does!  For just a little longer they have the starter kit for just $50 and it is worth over $500!  This is only until the last day in April so if you want in on it, now is the time before it goes back up to $100!  Once people try the products they have to get them because they do what they promise!  Not to many companies can say that these days.  It is also a company that rewards you every step of the way with recognition, awards, rewards, gifts, trips, etc. there is no glass ceiling in Mary Kay.  You are only limited by the amount of effort you put into it!  If you do what they train you to, then you will earn money.  No one can make guarantees but I can tell you that you will probably make more than what your starter kit costs the first party.  It is highly likely that you will make much more than that, but like I said we are not allowed to say any guarantees.  But, I can tell you that I have invested thousands in the Internet Marketing Training, well over a thousand in the digital design business, and countless money on the craft industry.  Nothing can compare to the $100 investment I made in Mary Kay to be in my own business.  I have made my money back in the first party I had.  They provide you with free ongoing training to help you every step of the way.  I believe the only way you can fail with it is to not try at all and just not open your starter kit.  So start working for someone with the same values-----YOU, and choose your priorities the way YOU want them to be.  Their philosophy is God first, Family second, and career third so no wonder they have been so successful!  Now, they don't push religion down your throat, but they make no apologies for serving God and respect a person's right to worship as they choose.  If you relocate, you can take your business with you because their are no set boundaries for your business.  All they ask is you follow the Golden Rule and treat others as you'd like to be treated and not take any customers from another consultant.  You get a full 50% commission on your sales--ALL the time.  This is greater than other businesses, check them out for yourself.  Most companies give you 25% after you send them their money.  You get paid immediately when you sell Mary Kay cause it is your business.  They even turn in the state taxes for you!  So give me a call and start your business today at 304-525-5029 or 304-962-6223 or you can email me at or and put Mary Kay in the subject line.  This will end the last day of April so act fast before the offer expires!

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