Monday, June 27, 2011

Going Out Of Business

With sorrow I am quitting my digital business so that I can use the time to sell Mary Kay Products.  I have found it much more profitable than my design business.  If anyone is interested in selling it too please drop me a line.  Mary Kay products basically sell themselves after clients try them!  Anyway, I have a final sale with Buy My Store for only $5 and you may ask why so cheap---well, the catch is you have to download it by July 1st with NO EXCEPTIONS and NO REFUNDS.  It is about 3-4GB worth of digital resources and mainly CU4CU products which can be used with no restrictions.  Since they can be used with Scrap 4 Hire, Scrap 4 Others, and Commercial Use.  You can even make CU items out of my resources as long as it is changed in some manner and not just a color change!  Go to the last store I am in at Wilma 4 Ever or click on the link here!

I will be adding free kits when I get time to create one doing blogtrains so keep a watch for them!


  1. I know the feeling when it comes to digital not paying a wage, I still don't cover my internet costs. Wishing you all the best with your Mary Kay work

  2. Hi Tammy, I am so sorry you are going out of business, it is a tough business out there, hope you do well with your Mary Kay. God Bless, will keep an eye on you at Face Book. Lovies Pumpy. xxx